• TameSM

    Our mild-mannered blend of buttery Buffalo spices will not make you a super hero.

  • Buffalo BlissSM

    We’ve kicked it up a notch or two for a warmer Buffalo experience.

  • Hot ShotSM

    Boldly experience the Buffalo flavor while sweating with pleasure.

  • Nuclear HabaneroSM

    Go ahead and light the fuse and say you took the ride.

  • Smokin’ QSM

    BBQ smokehouse flavor with a serious cayenne kick will heighten your senses.

  • Tokyo DragonSM

    Hot honey meets classic teriyaki for an experience of ginger, soy and heat.

  • Thai ChiliSM

    Our Far East fusion of spicy Thai plus sweet & sour will arouse your taste buds.

  • Garlic ParmSM

    A buffalo blend with cracked pepper, roasted garlic and zesty parmesan.

  • Honey QSM

    Sweet honey and smoky BBQ hook up to deliver great Southern flavor.

  • Sweet SamuraiSM

    Asian traditionalists love this glaze of soy, honey, ginger and teriyaki flavor.

  • Lemon ZingerSM

    Pucker up to this classic blend of lemon pepper and savory spices.

  • Liquid GoldSM

    Our full-flavored version of traditional honey mustard offers blissful relief from the heat.

Heat Index:
= Mild
= Hottest